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Back on the Road

A Blog by TA & Petro Stopping Centers

Prepare for Roadcheck 2023 with a FREE Mid-Trip Inspection

Mid-trip inspections are critical for any successful professional driver. They can help identify or uncover potential vehicle issues before they lead to expensive repair bills, unexpected downtime, or dangerous accidents. With CVSA’s International Roadcheck scheduled for May 16-18, 2023, now is the perfect time to get your FREE mid-trip inspection at TA Truck Service. [More]

Get Your Professional Brake System Inspection Today

For any professional truck driver, brake system inspections are a critical part of preventive maintenance. Not only are they essential in preventing breakdowns and costly repairs, but they also help to promote safety for yourself and other drivers you share the roads with. Brake system inspections also happen to have been last year’s leading International Roadcheck violation. [More]
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