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Get Your Professional Brake System Inspection Today

For any professional truck driver, brake system inspections are a critical part of preventive maintenance. Not only are they essential in preventing breakdowns and costly repairs, but they also help to promote safety for yourself and other drivers you share the roads with. Brake system inspections also happen to have been last year’s leading International Roadcheck violation.

The Importance of Brake System Maintenance
Over time, brake systems can develop a range of symptoms from expected wear and tear to performance malfunctions, or even complete failure. But with our commitment to industry-leading training, plus our decades-long track record of keeping professional drivers rolling, our truck service technicians are prepared to inspect and repair your complete brake system. Ongoing brake system safety and maintenance checks can help identify problems and answer questions such as:

  • Are your brake linings or pads the proper thickness?
  • Do your service and parking brakes operate properly?
  • Have any brake hoses collapsed, chafed, or broken?
  • Is the air compressor functioning appropriately?
  • Are there any leaks in the air brake system?

Find Efficient & Reliable Brake System Technicians
With this year’s International Roadcheck coming up May 16-18, now is one of the best times to schedule your next brake system inspection with our highly trained technicians. Find your nearest TA Truck Service location today for your next brake system inspection. Then, drive with confidence knowing you’re prepared for anything during this year’s International Roadcheck.

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