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Returned Class Ring Renews Guest's Faith in Humankind

During a recent visit to our TA Milesburg, PA (site 214), Carolyn, a guest, lost an irreplaceable ring. It was her deceased father's class ring that she wears when she's missing him. Not only was it a sentimental piece of jewelry, it was valuable -18 karat gold garnished with sapphires. 

When she, her husband, and their babies made a quick stop at the Subway, she recalls carefully placing it on the counter to wash her hands. Her next memory was picking up their Subway meals and traveling home. 

The next day, Carolyn realized the ring was missing. She and her husband “turned the house and van upside down.” In a panic, Carolyn mentally retraced her steps from the previous day, remembering their Subway stop. But she had little hope that calling there would result in finding the ring. 

Andrew Briggans, Lead Cashier, received the call and soon learned that Tabatha Bruss, Subway APCM, had found the ring, which was being held in a safe place. Victoria Leedy, Subway PCM, then assured Carolyn that she would put the ring in the mail on her way home. Victoria says, “People often leave things behind. My team members are honest, full of integrity and dedicated to our team and guests.” 

In her online comment to TA, Carolyn wrote, “While I am relieved and grateful to have my dad’s ring back, I’m even more grateful an honest Subway manager found the ring and had no problem putting it in the lost and found.” She also wrote, “When I wear the ring, I can touch it and feel like my dad’s here with me.” 

Our team at the Milesburg Subway not only restored a guest’s faith in humankind, they gave her back the ability to connect with her father in her special, personal way.

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