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Back on the Road

A Blog by TA & Petro Stopping Centers

Get Your FREE Mid-Trip Inspection and Avoid Downtime

CVSA’s Brake Safety Week is August 21-27, and last year alone, 12% of unannounced inspections resulted in vehicles being placed out of service. To help keep you on the road, TravelCenters of America is offering FREE mid-trip inspections until August 20. Come get your free inspection at participating TA Truck Service locations and enjoy peace of mind during this year’s safety enforcement campaign. We look forward to seeing you at TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, and TA Express® travel centers. [More]

Gain Traction This Winter

When snow starts falling and ice starts forming, you know one thing for sure: your tires better be ready. Even the best, new tires can be no match for thick snow and slick, ice-covered roads. Your tires can lose traction in these road conditions. That’s when you need to consider your options to improve your traction during hazardous winter weather. [More]
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