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Get Your 3-Axle Alignment for Safety & Longevity

Need your tri-axle vehicle aligned? TA Truck Service® is the right place to go. A 3-axle alignment can reduce tire and component wear, help you spot problems early, improve handling, boost fuel efficiency, minimize rolling resistance, and decrease driver fatigue. And to commemorate fifty years of service, we’re offering $50 off a 3-axle alignment for the entire month of September.

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The Importance Of Alignment

Truck alignment can sometimes fall off your to-do list, especially if it seems like there’s no current need for inspection. But with the heaviest loads and largest equipment investments, it’s important to always prioritize alignments in the professional trucking industry.

Misalignment can occur for an array of reasons, including rough road conditions, equipment failure, or just simple accidents. One tried and true sign of misalignment is if your truck begins veering to either side of the road when the steering wheel is centered. Abnormal wear on your steer or drive tires can also be your signal to get an alignment performed.

Wheel alignment is a series of adjustments that ensures while your vehicle is moving, proper tire angles and amount of contact with the road are maintained. The most notable impacts of this optimization are extended tire lifetime and the added traction needed to maneuver securely.

We recommend periodically getting a 3-axle alignment done to improve safety and performance. This way, you also save money and time by preventing larger-scale problems that can arise.

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We hope to see you soon and look forward to servicing your vehicle. Visit your nearest TA Truck Service for all your 3-axle alignment needs. Our highly trained technicians are ready to help, no matter what make or model you drive.

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