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Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a franchisee is a big business decision, and you’ll probably have some questions. Start off by getting answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Because facility size and amenities vary by brand, the cost to open a franchise location varies as well. Converting an existing facility to a TA Express will cost approximately $1.5 million, while building a new TA or Petro location can cost as much as $26.5 million.

For TA, Petro and TA Express facilities, royalty fees are 4.5% up to $600,000 of monthly non-fuel sales, 2% above $600,000 of monthly non-fuel sales and $0.007 per gallon for gas and diesel sales. For a TA Truck Service shop, royalty fees are 4.5%.

The process of opening a TA branded travel center looks different for each unique franchisee. An existing travel center in impeccable condition can be converted to a franchise location in as little as six weeks, while a new build can take more than a year.

To be considered for our franchising program, the entity must be financially healthy.

Absolutely! Many of our longstanding franchisees own multiple locations. In addition, we offer financial incentives for operators interested in owning more than one location.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a high-level look at our franchising process on our How It Works page.

The success of your business is our business, and we’re proud to offer a wide range of resources to our franchisees. As you prepare to open, our Construction team will consult with you, providing insight gained from decades of travel center operation. Once open, we’ll send experienced cashiers and managers from neighboring locations to work at your travel center until your staff is comfortable with day to day operations as a TA facility. If your facility includes a TA Truck Service shop, we’ll help you train your technicians. They'll gain hands on experience working at nearby training sites until your facility is open. Looking for advanced technical and manufacturer training? Your technicians can attend classes at one of two TA University training centers. Training and support continue throughout our relationship, with leadership training at our two TA University locations, conventions, online training modules and guidance from your District Manager.

Yes, our Construction team will consult with you to incorporate TA branding into your location. In addition, our Construction professionals will review your facility’s design, using decades of experience to determine the most sustainable and efficient layout for your site.

TA offers four brand options to franchisees. Learn more about the minimum requirements of each brand here and choose the one that is best for your business.

Our travel centers offer highway travelers a wide assortment of amenities including but not limited to diesel and gas fueling, diesel truck parking, motorist parking, convenience stores, full-service and quick-service dining options, showers, heavy diesel truck maintenance and repair, laundry, driver’s lounges, pet areas and fitness centers. Each of our brands presents a unique offering to guests. See which brand is a fit for your business.

The term of our initial Franchise Agreement is 10 years, with two five-year renewal options.

TA operates travel centers off major interstates throughout the country. We determine if a location is viable for a new TA travel center by using heat maps to track traffic patterns, studying highway maps and considering existing sites and competitors in the area. Reach out to us, and see if your location is a fit.

Revenue potential varies based on the size of the facility, the amenities offered, its location, your guest demographics and the operator’s personal business acumen. We are unable to provide a projection of how your location will perform.

Becoming a TA franchisee can take your business to new heights. Learn more about the national brand recognition, purchasing power, national fleet programs, professional team and cutting-edge technology that will contribute to your success on our Why TA? page.

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