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How It Works

Qualities of a Successful Franchisee

Wondering what qualities set our most profitable franchisees up for success? A great franchise location starts with a sophisticated travel center operator, who is ready to uphold the reputation of the TA brand. An ideal facility would serve highway traffic not currently covered in our nationwide network. We’re looking for financially healthy businesses, with owners who are ready to maximize the benefits of participating in TA’s corporate programs. 

This is a relationship that’s built to last. Many of our franchise partnerships last for decades, with franchisees opting in for multiple franchise agreements.

Franchise Ta Express Location

Facility Options

Whether your choose to convert and rebrand your existing location or you’ve decided to develop a new travel center or truck service center on real estate you own or lease, we have a brand to fit your business. Learn more about the amenities found at our TA, Petro, TA Express and TA Truck Service facilities.

TA Seymour, IN

A TA or Petro Facility Features:

  • 20 acres
  • 125 paved truck parking spaces
  • 75 paved car parking spaces
  • 8 diesel lanes all with DEF
  • 16 gasoline fueling positions
  • Full-service and/or quick-service restaurants
  • Large convenience store
  • 4 Bay Truck maintenance and Repair facility
  • 8 showers
  • Laundry facility
  • Truck scale
  • WiFi internet access
  • Mid-rise sign
  • High-rise sign
  • Store self-checkout
  • Family restrooms
  • Driver Lounge
TA Express

A TA Express Facility Features:

  • 8 acres 
  • 50 paved truck parking spaces
  • 75 paved car parking spaces
  • 4 diesel lanes all with DEF 
  • 12 gasoline fueling positions
  • Convenience store
  • 4 showers
  • 2 quick-service restaurants
  • High-rise sign
  • Mid-rise sign
  • Store self-checkout
  • Family restrooms (optional)
  • Laundry Facility 
  • Driver Lounge
  • Truck scale
TA Truck Service Location

A TA Truck Service Facility Features:

  • Four service bays
  • One pit
  • Two service trucks

Financial Obligations

Depending on the size of the facility and amenities offered, financial obligations for opening a travel center franchise location vary. Interested in opening multiple locations? We offer incentives for multi-site franchisees.

TA, Petro & TA Express

Franchise Fee
Up to $150,000

Royalty Fees
4.5% up to $600,000 of monthly non-fuel sales
2% above $600,000 of monthly non-fuel sales
$0.007 per gallon for gas and diesel sales

Marketing Fee
$3,000 monthly

Franchise Agreement Terms
10-year initial term
Two, five-year renewal options

TA Truck Service

Franchise Fee

Royalty Fee 

Marketing Fee
1$ gross sales monthly

Franchise Agreement Terms
10-year initial term
Two, five-year renewal options

Franchising Timeline

Contact Us

Step 1

We want to hear from you. If you’re ready to work together to take your business to the next level, complete our online franchising form. One of our Franchise Development Directors will reach out to you for a no-pressure conversation to see if you’re a fit for our brand.

Speak with a Franchise Development Director

Step 2

Let’s get to know each other. We’d like to learn more about your current facility or your plans for a new facility. Tell us about how you run your business. You’ll receive the Franchise Disclosure Document, and we’ll share how TA’s programs can maximize your profits.


Step 3

Now, you’ll begin the formal process of becoming a TA franchisee. You will complete and submit an official application. Our team will review that application, and if approved, we’ll issue a Franchise Agreement.

Design & Construction

Step 4

Once your Franchise Agreement has been executed, we’ll help you incorporate TA branding into your facility, and our Construction department will provide recommendations to your facility design plans based on decades of experience operating travel centers.

Open for Business

Step 5

Opening day might seem like the last step in the process, but it’s just the beginning of our relationship. We’ll send experienced cashiers and managers from neighboring locations to work with your staff at your travel center until your team is comfortable with day to day operations as a TA facility. Does your facility include a TA Truck Service shop? We’ll help you train your technicians. They'll gain hands on experience working at nearby training sites until your facility is open. Training and support continue throughout our relationship, with leadership and technician training at our two TA University locations, conventions, online training modules and guidance from your District Manager.

Begin Your Franchising Journey

Tell us a little more about your business, and our franchising team will reach out to you.