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Tex Mex Classics

Try these mouth-watering dishes for a limited time!

Our new Tex-Mex Classics menu is here—through May 28, 2024. Using the menu as her canvas and the ingredients as her palette, Chef Maira’s goal was to paint with flavors as vivid and colorful as the cultures that make up Southwestern heritage.

Limited time menu items:

El Grande Burrito

Filled with your choice of fillings, smothered in queso, and spiced to your liking!

Flour tortilla and barbacoa, Tex-Mex flavored chicken or mushrooms with refried beans, lettuce, cilantro rice, cheddar cheese, hot or mild salsa, pico de gallo, and fresh cilantro. Smothered in queso and creamy chipotle sauce.

Whale of a Taco

Probably the biggest taco you've ever seen!

12” flour tortilla, fried fish, refried beans, lettuce, hot or mild salsa, cheddar cheese, zesty slaw, cilantro rice, creamy chipotle sauce, pico de gallo, and fresh cilantro. Served with street corn and tortilla chips.

Tex-Mex Rice Bowl

The flavors of a burrito - without the mess. Dig in!

Choice of barbacoa, Tex-Mex flavored chicken or mushrooms, with cilantro rice, refried beans, lettuce, street corn, hot or mild salsa, cheddar cheese, creamy chipotle sauce, pickled onions and pico. Topped with fresh cilantro and served with a flour tortilla.

Street Corn

Smoky and sweet - street corn in an easy-to-eat appetizer!

Perfect appetizer for your Tex-Mex meal. Served with a side of tortilla chips.

Try These Limited-Time Dishes Today

We crafted these dishes to feature all the zest and spice you love from Southwestern cuisine. They're here for a limited time only, so stop by your favorite Country Pride, Iron Skillet, and other participating restaurants before they're gone!