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Ta Petro


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Stay Healthy on the Highway

StayFit ® from TA and Petro Stopping Centers. StayFit is a combination of better-for-you food options, workout facilities and helpful health information to keep you fit.

StayFit better-for-you food options are noted with the StayFit symbol on select convenience store items and menu options in our sit-down restaurants.

StayFit workout options include FREE indoor fitness rooms, outdoor exercise areas, walking/running trails (maps available at each location), basketball hoops, bean bag toss, and horseshoe pits at many of our locations network wide.

See the map of locations with fitness options below.

Fitness Options Nationwide
Yellow Bar

Outdoor Fitness Rooms

Red Bar

Indoor Fitness Rooms


Basketball Hoops

Horseshoe Pits & Bean Bag Toss
available network wide

Walking Trails
at more than 150 sites!

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