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Truck Driver Health and Wellness Made Easy with StayFIT

StayFIT is a combination of better-for-you food options, workout facilities, and helpful health information, to keep you fit while over the road. Staying active and eating healthy while over the road can be a challenge. Long hours and strict deadlines create stress that can have long-term implications. In the early-2000’s, the trucking industry called on TA & Petro Stopping Centers for healthier food options, and workout facilities. Thus, StayFIT was born!

Today, StayFIT offers UltraONE members indoor fitness rooms, walking trails, basketball courts, and more. These free amenities give drivers the opportunity to exercise while on the road. In addition, the StayFIT program offers medical services, better-for-you snack options on-the-go, or menu items at our sit-down restaurants, indoor fitness rooms, outdoor exercise areas, walking trails, basketball hoops, bean bag toss, and horseshoe pits.

To learn more about StayFIT, and find nearby locations, click below.

StayFIT Locations Map

StayFIT Benefits

More than just trucker friendly gyms, StayFIT offers many amenities to over the road truck drivers, including DOT medical exams, healthier snacks while driving long hours, and easy truck driver friendly meals.

StayFIT medical check

Medical Facilities

Visit one of TA & Petro’s Medical Facilities today for a DOT Physical or Chiropractic Services.

Medical Service Locations

StayFIT food products

Snack Options

Visit any TA & Petro location for better-for-you snacks marked with the StayFIT logo.

StayFIT Snacks

Image of StayFIT salmon menu option

Food Choices

Visit one of TA & Petro’s sit down restaurants for better-for-you meals while over the road.

StayFIT Menu Items

Photo of sun setting on roadway

StayFIT Blog Collection

StayFIT tips and tricks to maintain a healthier lifestyle while over the road.

StayFIT Blog

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