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Don't Lose Your Cool...Keep Up with Truck A/C Repairs & Maintenance

Don’t you love the feeling of going into a nice, cool, air conditioned building after being out on a scorching hot summer day? Your truck should provide you with the same type of relief. Trying to get through summer with a broken A/C system can be grueling - and completely unnecessary with the help of some routine preventative maintenance services. Putting off your routine PM services may save you some time initially, but it will most likely leave you feeling regretful.

Keep your rig in tip-top condition to prevent a future breakdown

When your A/C is starting to die out and problems begin to occur internally, your system will give you some warning signs. Listen to your truck. Invest the time now to prevent the need for truck A/C repair, which could ultimately result in more time in the shop, and less time on the road.

If you are experiencing one or more of the following, your AC might be trying to say something to you:

  • The air your A/C is blowing out is only slightly cooler than the exterior air
  • Your engine doesn’t heat up quickly, or at all
  • The air smells musty, of mold or mildew
  • The airflow even at the highest setting is very low
  • Your heater blows cold air, while your A/C blows warm air
  • Your A/C does not cool very well when you are parked or stationary, yet blows cold air when your truck is in motion
  • Your defroster is taking longer than normal, or is not working at all

Having regular PM services done on your rig can keep it operating at peak performance. If you do suspect that there might be an issue, have a comprehensive evaluation done on your heating and A/C system.

During a standard evaluation, the technician will examine the internal blower and controls, check the radiator coolant, hoses, pressure and temperature, inspect the compressor belt, perform a cooling system pressure test, measure the air vent temperature and verify that the AC pressure meets the specifications based on your specific rig.

If you have any doubt in your system, are in need of truck A/C repair or you're just looking to round out your comprehensive PM program, stop into any TA Truck Service location so that we can help keep you cool and on the road this summer, and beyond.

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