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Snack Attack Bracket 2020

It’s that time of year again. We’re looking to find who is going to bring home the title during Snack Attack! Starting March 2, the Snack Attack bracket will match up our best snacks from the Chip, Chocolate, Candy, and Salty regions. Each week we will calculate sales of the standard-sized candies and snack-sized snacks Monday through Sunday. After each week, based on your purchases the strongest competitor will advance. Results will be announced the Tuesday after.

First up, the newcomers in the Chip Region are looking to find which starch and crunch will lead them to the victory. Doritos Nachos vs. Snyder’s Mini Pretzels is the bold cheesy vs. the properly salty. Which do you prefer? Crunchy Cheetos vs. Pringles Original is the duel between Chester Cheetah and Julius Pringles.  Two cool cats enter. Only one will advance. Lays Classic vs. Doritos Cool Ranch put the classic potato chip flavors up against the cool ranch zest. Will you go old school or new school? Finally, Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream vs. Bugles Original is texture vs. texture. Do people like the flavor packed cheddar & sour cream valleys or will the fun of childlike Buglesfingers put them over the top?  What will you decide?    

If this was basketball, the Chocolate Region would be the Region of Death. All eight are classics including both finals participants from last year. Snickers vs. Kinder Joy puts the defending Chocolate Region champion Snickers up against this English underdog. You’re not you when you’re hungry but everyone could use bit of Joy. Next up, Hershey’s Chocolate bar vs. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is the battle of two classic Hershey brands. Will you go with the classic chocolates or the peanut buttery cups?  Kit Kat vs. Peanut M&Ms puts crunch vs. crunch. What would you choose: peanuts or wafers? Lastly in the Chocolate Region, Twix vs. Tootsie Roll Pops has defending champion Tootsie Roll Pops up against the Left and Right twins, Twix. Tootsie Roll Pops’ chocolate insides moved them to this region. Will they find the same success this year? Only time will tell. What is your favorite?

The Candy Region has fan favorites back from last year to try again to take the title. Original Gourmet Lollipops vs. Starburst FaveREDs is a matchup between hard and chewy. Suckers had surprising performances last year but all the chewy juicy reds (strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, and cherry) are looking to knock them out. Welch’s Fruit Snacks vs. Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers puts the kind fruit shapes up against sour covered worms. It’s good vs. bad (in a good way). Doublemint vs. Skittles has last year’s Gum & Mint Region champion facing up against the taste of the rainbow. Last year in the Fun Four Doublemint faulted when facing a non-gum or mint opponent. Can they work past that this year? Only time will tell. The final matchup in the Candy Region has last year’s Gummy Region champion Haribo Goldbears vs. Sour Patch Kids. Bear vs. Kid. Sweet vs. Sour. Who will come out on top?

Last but not least, the Salty Region has the best flavors salt can bring out. First, Planters Tube Peanuts vs. Gardetto Original put the straightforward peanuts up against the snack mix. Will people go for the basics or will the variety draw them in? Wonderful Pistachios vs. Chex Mix is another nut vs. snack mix matchup. Will both go for the same side? Will they split? Only time will tell. Cheez-Its vs. David Sunflower Seeds has cheesy crunchy meeting with the tasty spitting. Which do you prefer? Lastly, Combos Cheddar Cheese Pretzel vs. Cornnuts Original is the crunchiest of all the matchup. Both have texture for days. Which will satisfy your munchies?

At the end of the bracket, look for a coupon of the winning snack on the UltraOne Kiosk April 13 through April 17. Who do you think is going to win? Follow along on our Facebook and Twitter pages, updates on our blog, and at site on our digital TV boards.

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