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Rounding Up for St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund: What it Means to Us

To everyone at TA, supporting the Fund through our annual Round Up campaign is more than just donating to a cause. It’s our way of giving back to those who do so much for this country, and we understand that every penny adds up towards big change in truckers’ lives.

TA Workers

(Pictured in above image from left to right: Samantha Coker, Kitchen Specialist; Jason Magill, Assistant Fuel Manager; Christopher Lewis, Fuel Manager; Kim Neiderhiser, Customer Service Representative)

Employees from a few of our sites who collected the most donations last year shared what this program means to them. For Karen Casey, Fuel Cashier at Petro Effingham, Illinois, the Round Up program is personal.

“My husband is a trucker,” Karen said. “Two years ago, my husband and I lost our home and six fur babies to a fire. We lost everything. We didn’t use the Trucker Fund to get back on our feet because we had support from my husband’s company, but I know there are drivers and owner-operators out there without access to similar funds.”


Karen encounters customers who share they’ve been helped by the Fund, and others who tell her they hadn’t been. Her first question is always, “Did you apply?” Because they don’t know you need help if you don’t ask.

 “One customer was going through cancer and had a surgery scheduled for later in the month,” Karen added. “She didn’t have any family that could take her to and from the hospital for treatments after the surgery, so the Fund put her up in a hotel close to the hospital. It feels awesome to be part of something that can help save other truckers and their families.”

For Chris Lewis (pictured in main blog photo), Fuel Manager at Petro Kingman, Arizona, and his team, the Round Up campaign is something that everyone looks forward to and gets involved in.

“Being a part of this program brings joy to our teammates,” Chris said. “We make sure to ask every single driver, every single time. The more you get the information out there, the more people are willing to help.”

“We have quite a few drivers who come through who look forward to donating, due to the fact that the Fund was there for them in their time of need,” he added. “They are always grateful, and when these specific truckers are in the building, they also help push donations.”

Penny Preston is the General Manager at Petro in New Paris, Ohio and shared how proud she is of her team members who explain the importance of the Fund to every customer who is willing to listen.

“Our cashiers learned that customers are always willing to help when it’s for a good cause,” Penny said. “We have some regular motorist customers that shop here every day. They donate their change because they also want to do their part in keeping America rolling.”

Over the past year especially, truck drivers have played an essential role in keeping our country moving. TA is proud to support the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, which plays an essential role in providing financial assistance to truckers and their families when something unexpected happens in their lives. Through Sept. 6 at TA, Petro and TA Express locations, change from purchases rounded up to the nearest dollar will go directly to the Fund.

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