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Snack Attack Bracket 2020 Champion

After five fantastic weeks of the Snack Attack bracket, we have a champion! The dominating favorite of Snickers climbed to the top of the Snack Attack pile. As a final refresher, each week we’ve calculated sales of the standard-sized candies and snack-sized snacks Monday through Sunday. After each week, based on your purchases, the strongest competitor won. Snickers satisfied, claiming victory from Doritos Nachos by over 1,000 units. As a result, April 13 through April 17, a coupon for a free standard-sized original Snickers will be on the UltraOne Kiosk. Be sure to stop into one of our locations and get yours; because you’re not you when you’re hungry.


Dr. John's Big 5: Recommendations for Managing Stress and Mental Health During COVID-19

Big Five

Courtesy of Dr. John McElligott:

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to escalate in the United States, many may be experiencing an increase in stress, fear and anxiety. The uncertainty of the future can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, however finding healthy and acceptable ways to cope with stress will make you, your family and your community stronger. More...

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