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How do I enroll in the UltraONE Club program?

You can sign up to become an UltraONE Club member by one of four ways. (1). Visit tatravelcenters.com or petrotruckstops.com to sign up on the web. (2.) Enroll at a Kiosk at any TA or Petro Stopping Centers location and get a temporary card on the spot. (3.) Call 1-800-632-9240 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to midnight Eastern Time. (4.) Enroll at the TA truck service center or Petro:Lube and get a temporary card on the spot. When signing up, you should use the exact name that is printed on your driver's license. It will take approximately two weeks for your actual UltraONE Club card to arrive. If you don't have it by then, you should call customer service to check on the status.

What is my PIN number and what is it used for?

Every member is required to have a PIN number. The PIN number is used to access the UltraONE section of the TA or Petro website where you can look at recent activity, check your account balance, and more. NEW, you can now require a PIN code to be entered with the swipe of your UltraONE card at the kiosk to access your member account information. You can add this feature by updating your account at the kiosk

What is the shower policy for team drivers?

Team drivers will be allowed one (1) shower each upon redemption of a Coupon or use of a Shower Credit provided that both showers are taken at the same location on the same day. Both drivers must be present when requesting two showers from one Shower Coupon. At those TA or Petro locations using the automated Shower System, team drivers should follow the menu prompts to obtain a shower receipt from the Kiosk and proceed to the shower desk. The Customer Service Representative will reserve a shower for the second driver.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, call customer service immediately at 1-800-632-9240. A Customer Service Representative may transfer all of the points and information from the old card to a new account. Please note that TA and Petro are not responsible for UltraONE Points or shower credits that are lost or stolen under any circumstances. Therefore, please protect your account just as you would other private information such as bank cards or credit cards. You can now require a pin code to be entered at the kiosk when your card is swiped.

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