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UltraONE Rules and FAQs

Official Program Rules

Please click on the link below to download the UltraONE Program Official Rules.

UltraONE Driver Rewards Club Program Official Rules

Last updated 2/1/2023


To sign up for the UltraONE program, download the TruckSmart app or visit the UltraONE kiosk at any location.

Members can redeem UltraONE points for showers, Reserve-It! parking, dine-in and quick service meals, merchandise, truck maintenance and tires. Members can also download our Voted Best TruckSmart app, store fuel receipts, receive a birthday gift and redeem special offers.

There’s no card needed. Simply use the phone number associated with your account to complete any transaction at our pump, shop, kiosk, or fuel desk to start earning. Members earn in two ways – Points and UltraCredits.

Members earn points by:

  1. Fueling. New members start by earning one point per gallon of diesel fuel or DEF purchases. Then, the more gallons they purchase in one month, the higher GEAR they achieve for the next month. Point multipliers increase for each GEAR level achieved.
  2. Purchasing Reserve-It! parking. Members will earn one point per $1 spent.
  3. Purchasing truck maintenance, repair and tires*. Members will earn one point per $1 spent. *Some restrictions apply.

Members earn UltraCredits by:
Purchasing a diesel and/or DEF fill of 60 gallons or more. Members will be able to redeem their UltraCredits for a shower. Members who fuel 1,500 or more gallons the prior month will be able to redeem their UltraCredits for a shower, a one-day Standard Reserve-It! parking spot or a meal up to $17.00 at one of our TA Delis, dine-in or quick-serve restaurants.

No card, no problem. Simply use the phone number associated with your account to earn loyalty points. Those who still have a card may continue using it, but no new cards are being issued.

Up to15,000 UltraONE points that can be earned per month for diesel and DEF purchases. Members can earn unlimited points on TA Truck Service purchases. There is no limit to the number of UltraONE points that can be redeemed per day.

UltraONE members can earn points on up to two fueling transactions per day.

Depending upon how many gallons fueled in one month, members qualify for a GEAR level. Higher GEAR levels reward at a higher number of points per gallon. Members can check their GEAR level any time at any UltraONE Reward Center kiosk or on the TruckSmart app.

You can check your account for UltraCredits any time at UltraONE kiosks at any TA, Petro or TA Express location or on the TruckSmart app.

Yes! The TruckSmart app lets you check your UltraONE Gear level, see how many UltraCredits you’ve earned, reserve a parking spot, get a spot in a TA Truck Service bay, and so much more. Available on iPhone and Android, download the TruckSmart app today from Apple® App Store or in the Google® Play Store

UltraONE members can earn up to one UltraCredit per day. All members can redeem up to two UltraCredits per calendar day.

Yes, UltraCredits expire after seven days for 1st, 2nd, 3rd GEAR level members and after ten days for MAX Gear members.

UltraONE members can visit the Balances page on the TruckSmart app, the balances page on the UltraONE kiosk or contact TA’s Customer Service team at their convenience to inquire about their point and UltraCredit balance.

Points are redeemable in store, restaurant and TA Truck Service and for showers, WiFi or parking, while UltraCredits can be redeemed for showers, meals or parking, dependent on the member's Gear level.

Yes! One of the biggest advantages of UltraONE is the flexibility in redeeming UltraCredits. MAX Gear members can use UltraCredits for reserved parking, showers or for a meal up to $17.00. UltraONE points can be used by all members to pay for reserved parking, showers or towards a meal.

It is against program rules to share cards. Each driver must have their own UltraONE account. This includes but is not limited to team drivers - including legally married couples. Sharing or transferring cards will result in termination of the account, and all points and UltraCredits will be forfeited.