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Earning Top-Tier UltraONE Rewards Just Got Easier

A new and improved UltraONE loyalty program is here! With new gallon-per-gear guidelines and a streamlined gear structure, it’s now even easier for you to earn and redeem rewards on the road. And the more you fuel, the more you’ll get out of the new UltraONE program.

What’s New?

MAX Gear is Closer Than Before

There’s only 4 gears now instead of 5! Just like before, UltraONE members in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gears will earn credits that can be redeemed for showers, and members in MAX Gear will earn credits that can be redeemed for showers, meals, and parking. But now, it’s even easier for you to redeem UltraCredits for meals and reserved parking. Learn more here.

3rd Gear is Closer Than Before

Instead of needing to fuel 1,250 gallons to get 3rd Gear benefits, members who fill more than 1,000 gallons will now shift from 2nd Gear to 3rd Gear in the following month. This means it’s even easier to earn 3 points per gallon!

UltraONE Gear Level Chart

UltraCredit Reward List

Enjoy the new and improved UltraONE program! The more you fuel in any given month, the more you’ll earn. And next month’s gear level is determined by how many gallons you fueled during the previous month. All you need is your phone number, email address, and the   to earn convenient, cardless rewards on the road with TravelCenters of America.

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