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Avoid Downtime with a FREE Mid-Trip Inspection

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled for August 2531, 2024. That means a thorough mid-trip inspection could be the difference between staying on schedule and being taken out of service. Our highly trained technicians are here to help detect issues with your vehicle before they lead to inspection violations or unexpected downtime. And with Brake Safety Week quickly approaching, TA Truck Service is offering a FREE mid-trip inspection from July 1August 31.

What Warning Signs Should You Look For?

You may notice warning signs in your vehicle that suggest it’s time for a mid-trip inspection. Maybe you’ve noticed an unusual noise, odor, vibration, smoke, or other performance issues while driving. Or maybe a warning light appears on your dashboard indicating your rig needs service. Other issues may not present obvious symptoms but can be checked for and preventatively identified during professional inspections.

Why NOW is the Time for a Mid-Trip Inspection

Mid-trip inspections keep drivers safe on the road by helping to prevent dangerous or unforeseen vehicle malfunctions—and detecting issues like worn brake pads, low tire pressure, fuel leaks, and more. Early prevention stops small issues from escalating into larger-scale problems, so it’s always important to catch warning signs early. If you’ve noticed any vehicle symptoms, or will be driving during Brake Safety Week from August 25-31, a FREE mid-trip inspection could be the perfect precautionary measure to ensure smooth and safe drives ahead.

Get a FREE Industry-Leading Mid-Trip Inspection

Visit participating TA Truck Service locations within our nationwide network of TA and Petro travel centers to get your FREE mid-trip inspection from July 1August 31, 2024. The sooner you schedule it, the sooner you’ll be prepared for this year’s Brake Safety Week. Download or update the TruckSmart app today to queue up for your free inspection.

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