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Ta Petro

Complete Preventive Maintenance Service

Mid-Interval Extended Maintenance

Are you looking for a preventive maintenance service to help keep your truck running between extended oil drains? Starting at just $54.99* our extended maintenance services include the same level of inspection and lubrication that our Ultimate PM offers, excluding the oil change. We offer three different services based on if and what filters you need replaced.

These services include:

  • Tractor Lubrication
  • Check All Gear Boxes
  • Check Coolant Level and Freeze Point
  • SCA/ELC Contamination Checks
  • Push Rod Stroke Inspection
  • Check All Coolant Hoses and Belts
  • Check Steering Fluid and Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Check Wiper Blades and Air Filter Restriction Gauge
  • Check Tires for Excessive Wear
  • Gauge and Inflate Tires OR Lube Trailer
  • Top-Off with One Gallon of Oil
  • Electronic Checklist of What Was Performed

Standard Truck Lube Services

Service Price
Lubrication (no additional charge for grease)
Check Fluid Level Trans./Rears $14.99*
Conventional 1 Box Change (Includes 27 pints of fluid)  $69.99*
Fifth Wheel $8.99*
Drive Line $22.99*
Tractor (Jack-Up Front Axle) $30.99*
Trailer $13.99*
Tractor & Trailer $39.99*
Conventional 3 Box Change (Includes 81 pints of fluid) $179.99*
Synthetic 1 Box Change (Includes 27 pints of fluid) $155.99*
Synthetic 3 Box Change (Includes 81 pints of fluid) $409.99*

APU Services

Our services start out at $49.99* and include oil and filters for the unit.

We stock filters for the units below and others. Ask your TA and Petro Stopping Centers sales representative if your unit isn't listed below, as we may be stocked to service it as well.

  • Kohler Yanmar
  • ThermoKing Tri-Pac
  • Rigmaster
  • Comfort Guard
  • Idlebuster (Kubota)
  • Carrier Comfort Pro (Kubota)
  • Carrier Proheat (Kubota)


 *Prices valid as of 10/10/16 and are subject to change. Labor only unless otherwise stated.



Oil Analysis

Now more than ever, routine oil analysis is key to a successful maintenance program. Detecting a problem before it becomes a failure saves you time and money!

This is why we offer Accutrack, an offsite oil analysis program. For $18.99*, we will collect the sample, complete the paperwork and send the sample to the laboratory for analysis. The lab will contact you directly with the results.  

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