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UltraONE Rewards

Official Club Rules

Please click on the link below to download the UltraONE Program Official Rules.

UltraONE Driver Rewards Club Program Official Rules

Last updated 11/1/17

Official Promotions Rules

OnCommand® UltraONE® Platinum Status Promotion

1. During the period of September 1, 2017 through and including October 31, 2017 (the “Promotion Period”), UltraONE Driver Rewards Club Program members who purchase a Navistar OnCommand® Electronic Logging Device (“ELD”) together with an ELD installation package (“Installation Package”) from participating TA Truck Service® centers may qualify for UltraONE Platinum level membership (the “Promotion”).

2. A member’s Card must be presented at the time the ELD and Installation Package are purchased in order to qualify for UltraONE Platinum level membership. A member will not qualify for UltraONE Platinum level membership (1) if the purchase is made and the Card is not present, (2) if the Card is presented after the purchase; (3) if an ELD is purchased without an Installation Package being purchased at the same time; or (4) if a different brand or type of electronic logging device is purchased from and/or installed at a TA Truck Service center. UltraONE Platinum level status will be awarded within 24 hours of a qualified purchase. UltraONE Platinum level status will be valid from the date such status is awarded through December 31, 2018.

3. UltraONE Platinum level membership is determined by TA in its sole discretion. Members will be notified of such status via a Kiosk and will be required to verify their contact information. Once the information is verified, an UltraONE Platinum Card will be mailed to the member and UltraONE Platinum benefits will be activated. Your UltraONE Standard membership account will be updated to UltraONE Platinum status and any UltraONE Points and showers you have earned will remain on your account. Until the new Platinum Card is received, your existing Card can be used. Once the new Platinum Card is received, the old Card should be destroyed. In order to maintain UltraONE Platinum level membership, you must qualify (i.e. earn the requisite number of UltraONE Points) each calendar year after 2018. Otherwise, Platinum membership status may be reduced.

4. Except as provided herein, the Promotion is subject to the Official Rules of the UltraONE Driver Rewards Club Program, as applicable, available at www.ultraonerewards.com.




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