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Ta Petro

UltraONE Rewards

One Card. Ultra Benefits

Earning Rewards

When you receive your permanent card you will also receive a mini-UltraONE card. Swipe your main UltraONE card or enter your phone number and PIN at the pump with each fuel purchase. Keep your mini-UltraONE card on your keychain or in your wallet and present with each purchase at the fuel island, repair centers, travel store, restaurant and quick-serve restaurants to gain the most benefits. Your mini-UltraONE card can also access the kiosk, showers and StayFit fitness rooms. See the UltraONE benefits chart for the great benefits you will receive with each swipe of your UltraONE card.

Earning UltraONE Platinum Status

UltraONE benefits have been Voted Best* in the industry. It gets even better - UltraONE Platinum status is issued to our most loyal members. When you reach 20,000 UltraONE Points in a calendar year, you are instantly upgraded to UltraONE Platinum** status for even more rewards! Earn 10,000 or more UltraONE Points the following year to maintain your Platinum status.

Save Away

Now you can save your UltraONE Points for that special item you have had your eye on – Just keep your account active by a single swipe of your UltraONE Card with a purchase or redemption in a consecutive 6 month time period so you do not forfeit points or showers.

Redeeming UltraONE Points

To redeem UltraONE Points, visit the UltraONE Kiosk located in the main and fuel buildings at participating TA and Petro Stopping Centers locations. There, you can view all account information, print a copy of your last fuel receipt, access UltraONE Point Redemption Certificates, Special Offer Coupons and added Benefit Coupons. Additionally, you can redeem UltraONE Points for Showers and Parking at participating locations. 

UltraONE UltraONE Platinum
UltraONE Points
Earned on Gallon purchases of Diesel Fuel and DEF 1 Point 1 Point + Bonus Point per gallon over 130 gallons in a single fill.
Earned on Dollars Spent at the Truck Repair Center **
1 Point
2 Points
Point Expiration
Points do not expire if you use your card at least once in a 6 month period
Points do not expire if you use your card at least once in a 6 month period
Locations TA & Petro Locations TA & Petro Locations
Complimentary Shower
Earned on purchases of 60 gallons or more of diesel fuel 1 Credit Good for 14 days 1 Credit - never expires** + platinum shower benefits
Special Offer Coupons
Happy Birthday! Free Birthday Dessert Free Birthday Meal - up to $15
Platinum Preferred Parking
at Select Locations
N/A 1 Free Day
per month
Platinum Free Fax N/A 1 Free Fax
per day
Platinum Free Check Cashing N/A 1 Free Check Cashing
per day
Platinum Free Beverage N/A 1 Free Beverage
with purchase of 75 gallons or more of diesel fuel
Log-in to your Account online using your Account ID and Pin Code.
UltraONE Account Management Point and Shower Balances Point and Shower Balances
Fuel Receipts Copies of fuel receipts and statements for 12 months Copies of fuel receipts and statements for 12 months
** Some restrictions apply. See official rules for details.
* See rules on ultraonerewards.com for promotion dates & details
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