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One Card. Ultra Benefits.

Earning Rewards

When you receive your permanent card you will also receive a mini-UltraONE Coach card. Swipe your main Card at the pump with each fuel purchase. Keep your mini Card on your key chain or in your wallet and present WITH each purchase at the fuel island, repair centers, travel store, restaurant and quick serve restaurants to gain the most benefits. Your mini-UltraONE Coach Card can also access the kiosk, showers and StayFit fitness rooms. Never leave home or your motor coach without your UltraONE Coach card! See the UltraONE Coach benefits chart for the great benefits you will receive with each swipe of your UltraONE Coach card.

Save Away

Now you can save your UltraONE Points for that special item you have had your eye on! Keep your account active by a single swipe of your UltraONE Coach Card with at the UltraONE Kiosk or a redemption in a consecutive six-month time period so you do not forfeit points.

Earn Visit rewards fast. It’s easy.

  1. Swipe your UltraONE Coach Card at the kiosk to check in.
  2. Confirm your arrival at the Travel Store, where you will be greeted to confirm the bus company and number of passengers who entered the facility on today’s visit. This allows our staff to have additional team members available to make sure you receive fast, friendly service helping keep you on schedule.
  3. Before you depart, swipe your card at the kiosk. The points for your visit will be added to your account. 

Redeeming UltraONE Points

Visit the UltraONE Kiosk located in the main and fuel buildings at participating TA, Petro Stopping Centers or TA Express locations to view all of your account information, print a copy of last fuel receipt, access UltraONE Point Redemption Certificates, Special Offer Coupons, added benefit coupons and much more.

Call Ahead Dining

TA and Petro Stopping Centers want to make your visit as pleasant and relaxing as possible for your group, while understanding your need to stay on a time schedule. We are pleased to introduce our call ahead dining! Now you can make group reservations for both Full Service and Fast Food Restaurants at any participating TA or Petro location. When you call for reservations, you will be greeted and connected to a Reservations Specialist and the location General Manager to place your reservation. UltraONE Coach members will earn a complimentary meal credit for each dinner reservation placed for a group of 25 or more with a 90 minute notice prior to arrival. A meal credit will be added to your UltraONE Club Card at the time of check out of the visit. Earned meal credits can be printed from the Kiosk any time and can be used at any participating TA or Petro Full Service or Fast Food Restaurant. Meal credits expire 30 days from the date they are earned. Both Driver and Tour Guide UltraONE Club Member account numbers will need to be provided to the reservation specialist at the time of the reservation is placed to qualify for a meal credit.

UltraONE Coach
UltraONE Points
Earned on Gallon purchases of Diesel Fuel and DEF 1 Point
Earned on Dollars Spent at the Truck Repair Center ** 1 Point
Locations TA, Petro, TA Express Locations
UltraONE Visit Points
Earn Visitation Points from 5:00 am - 11:00 pm with entry of 25 or more passengers to the facility.**

Length of stay (min.):

  • 1-14 min.
  • 15-29 min.
  • 30+ min.

Points earned:

  • 250 points
  • 1,000 points
  • 3,000 points
Log-in to your Account on-line using your Account ID and Pin Code.
UltraONE Account Management Point and Shower Balances
Fuel Receipts Copies of fuel receipts and statements for 12 months
** Some restrictions apply. See official rules for details.
* See rules on ultraonerewards.com for promotion dates & details
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