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UltraONE Rewards Program Updates

Ultraone Rewards

We’re redefining loyalty at TA, Petro and TA Express, and professional drivers are being rewarded. On January 1, 2019, we unveiled an updated UltraONE loyalty program to better serve the trucking community.

First, we’re introducing the volume-based incentive (Gears) that will let drivers earn up to four points every time they fuel. The more they fuel in the current month, the more points they earn the following month. Drivers will earn UltraONE points based on fuel volume from the previous month. January 2019 is the first qualifying month and February 2019 is the first-month drivers will achieve Gear status.

We want to give the biggest benefits to our most loyal customers. So now is the time! The best way drivers can maximize their UltraONE earning potential is to make sure they’re fueling at TA, Petro and TA Express locations. The more drivers fuel in January, the more rewards they’ll earn in February.

The UltraONE membership will now give drivers TWO ways to earn rewards. Not only can UltraONE points be redeemed throughout our locations, now shower credits will become a more flexible reward known as UltraCredits. Drivers will still get a reward for every 60 gallons fueled at TA, Petro and TA Express, but the UltraCredit reward is bigger and better. UltraCredits allow drivers to decide how they want to be rewarded. The more they fuel with us, the more options they’ll have on how to use UltraCredits.

Ultraone Loyalty Chart

UltraCredit expiration: Platinum UltraCredits expire after 10 days. UltraCredits for members who fuel 1,500 gallons or more in the prior month will expire 10 days after issuance. UltraCredits for Members who fuel less than 1,500 gallons in the prior month will expire seven days after issuance. One UltraCredit can be earned per day. Two UltraCredits can be redeemed per day. Points expire after six months if a member has not earned or redeemed during that period. Platinum members will continue to earn 2x points per $1 spent on eligible truck maintenance, repair and tire purchases through TA Truck Service.

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