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New Features of TruckSmart

You asked. We listened. Introducing PumpSmart.

With PumpSmart, our latest TruckSmart enhancement, convenient and fast fueling is just a few clicks away. To get started, download TruckSmart and login using your UltraONE account information. When you are less than a mile from the site, the PumpSmart option will become available. You will be able to choose your site, see fuel prices and lane availability and select your fleet commercial payment information.

First time using PumpSmart: New users will receive a code from the pump. Enter the code in your app to activate your PumpSmart! Then, you will be able to receive codes on the app in the future.

New payment options:  If using a card for the first time, you will have to enter the information at the fuel pump. Once entered at the pump, the TruckSmart app will recognize the information, and you will be able to edit the information right in the app whenever you need to.

Transaction history: Once you are fueled up and ready to go, the receipt will be logged in your transaction history and stored right in the app for your records. 

PumpSmart is fast and convenient to get you on the road faster. Download TruckSmart now and start saving time!

Get it on Google Play Icon Download on the App Store Icon

*PumpSmart accepts most fleet payment cards. Consumer credits cards not included in the app feature.

With TruckSmart, Easily Redeem your UltraONE Points

We have upgraded the way you redeem your points. Now you can redeem points using your app for even more: in store*, at TA Truck Service locations and at participating quick-serve and full-serve restaurants**. No more stopping at the kiosk to print off certificates before you check out.

Redeem points from TruckSmart is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Login to the TruckSmart app and turn on location services.
2. When you arrive at a site, open your app and select Redeem Points. Wait until you are about to check out and enter the dollar value you’d like to redeem, up to your current balance.
3. Show your mobile phone to the cashier. You will have 10 minutes from the time you select the dollar amount to the time you check out, so make sure you are close to the register when you begin. 

*Does not include Verizon Wireless **All restaurants are participating excluding: IHOP at TA Atlanta South, the free-standing Taco Bell near Petro Wheeler Ridge, KFC at TA Greenwood and all Popeye’s locations.

With TruckSmart, Queue up for your Instant Shower

To get started, download TruckSmart and login using your UltraONE account information. Once logged in, only two clicks stand between you and your Instant Shower.

Reserve your Instant Shower: Choose the site where you would like to shower and pay by shower credit, UltraCredit, points or credit card. The choice will default to the closest site within 50 miles of your current location.

See Your Current Reservation and Check the Queue: Your reservation screen will show you which Instant Shower to use and if your Instant Shower is ready for you. If it isn't ready, the queue screen will show you how many drivers are in line ahead of you.

Unlock Your Door:When it is your turn in the queue, click the lock to unlock your door. It should take less than three seconds for your door to unlock.

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