TruckSmart FAQs

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers that have come in from customers on the TruckSmart app.

Customers requiring assistance with the app can email

To get the full functionality of the app, a few things need to be set up correctly.

1. Location Services - The customer must enable/turn on location services under their phone settings for the app to work correctly. To fix this, on iPhones: click SETTINGS, click PRIVACY, click LOCATION SERVICES, check that the setting is ON, look for TruckSmart in the list and make sure the setting is either While Using or Always. On Android Phones: go to SETTINGS, click LOCATION, make sure the setting is set to ON.

2. Allow to Use Location – On iPhones: The customer must allow the app to use their location. The app asks this question when it’s starting up for the first time. If the customer says “No”, the app won’t work correctly as it is dependent on knowing where the customer is located through the phone’s GPS. To fix this, follow the steps in #1. On Android: This does not apply.

3. UltraONE Account Setup – The customer must enter their UltraONE account number and PIN to validate the account. The customer can contact Customer Service if they don’t know their PIN. If the account cannot be validated with the correct information, close the app completely and try again.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How do I download the App?
A. The app can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store (on iPhone) or Google PlayStore (on Android). To find the app, search on TruckSmart (all one word). If having trouble finding app in the market/store, shoot the QR code (QR reader app needed on phone) at this link on the website:

Q. Why can’t I download the TruckSmart app from the Google PlayStore? (This applies to Android phones only)?
A. Google ultimately determines who can or cannot download our application from PlayStore. Typically this is caused by the user attempting to download TruckSmart on a phone that’s not running version 2.2 or newer of the Android operating system. The customer can try to update by clicking SETTINGS, ABOUT PHONE, SYSTEM UPDATES. When the update for Reserve-It is deployed in June, the minimum version for Android will be 4.4

Q. How do I delete and reinstall the App?
A. On iPhones: find the TruckSmart app icon on your screen, touch the icon until all the icons “shake,” click the “X” in the upper left-hand corner, click the DELETE button. Follow the installation instructions above to re-install. For Android: go to SETTINGS, go to DEVICE then click on APPS. Find TruckSmart in the list, click UNINSTALL.

Q. I don’t have an iPhone or Android. How can I access the app?
A. The TruckSmart mobile app is for Apple (iPhone) and Android platforms. To view the app on other smartphones, tablets, or Laptops, you can access the app in an HTML5 web version (Note, if the customer is using this on a Blackberry or other smartphone, all of the features will function the same way as on the traditional mobile app. If the customer is using a tablet or desktop system to run the web app, they obviously won be able to click the button to make phone calls. The web app only works on devices that have web browsers that support HTML5.)

Q. What is my UltraONE PIN Number?
A. This is the PIN the customer enters when they are creating their account. It’s the same PIN used to interface with the kiosk. Customer Service can assist with getting their PIN or assigning a new one.

Q. Why aren’t certain locations showing up?
A. First, be sure that the customer has installed and set up the app correctly (see above). They can also try hitting the refresh button (iPhone: double arrows; Android: go to menu). Finally, they can also try completely closing the app and re-opening it.

Q. Why don’t I see locations when I first start the app? Or, why do I see locations that aren’t near where I’m at?
A. See #1

Q. Why isn’t the map loading in the app?
A. See #1

Q. Why is the app freezing up?
A. This can be due to a dead data zone where there is limited data service. The phone may still work, but data can be very slow to non-existent. This is a carrier issue and nothing we have control over. (To confirm limited data service, simply try to open the internet browser and access a web page. If that isn’t opening/loading, they are in a limited service area.)

Q. How often are fuel prices updated on the app?
A. Every 15 minutes. This is the same as the websites. (Customer MUST hit REFRESH (iPhone: double arrows; Android: go to menu) to see updated fuel prices. This screen will not update automatically.)

Q. When will I be able to use my UltraONE card image that’s on the app to scan at the kiosk or at pay points?
A. We are currently looking into this option. Currently, the scanning technology on the kiosks and pay points will not support this.

Q. Why isn’t my point balance, fuel prices, or locations updating on the app?
A. Make sure the customer is hitting the refresh button (iPhone: double arrows; Android: go to menu) or changing the location filter (Hwy or State) on the sites listing page. They can also try completely closing the app and re-opening it. It’s also possible they could be in a dead data zone.

Q. Why didn’t I receive an email after I requested a shower?
A. Please check the app UltraONE setup and confirm that the correct email address has been entered. If the email address is correct, then the customer should check their email spam filter to make sure it’s not preventing them from receiving email from Finally, the customer should ensure the buttons to receive notifications for showers in the SETUP menu.

Q. Does the app only show the last 3 UltraONE transactions?
A. Currently, the app only shows the last 3 so that there is a limited amount of data to be downloaded. Receipts/transaction information can also be found on the UltraONE kiosk and at

Q. Can you put restaurant menus on the app?
A. TA/Petro is trying to keep the data downloads to/from the app at a minimum. The restaurant menu files are very large. We are working to come up with a menu option for the app that will require less data transfer. Restaurant menus can be found at

Q. Can you add the location phone numbers to the app?
A. There is a button on each site’s page that customers can click/press to call the site. If they hit the button, the phone number appears, and the phone initiates the call. Location phone numbers are also listed on the websites and in the RoadKing magazine.

Q. Can you add the 4 digit fuel access codes to the app?
A. The 4 digit codes are located at the top of each location’s page on the app.

Q. Can I pay for a shower with a credit card?
A. Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express as payment for showers.

Q. Can I pay for a shower with an UltraCredit?
A. Yes, UltraONE Gear 4 and MAX Gear members can redeem UltraCredits for showers. One UltraCredit can be used per day and two UltraCredits can be earned per day.


In-Bay Work Request
Q. Can I store my truck information in the app for faster work order creation?
A. Yes! Under the SETUP page, basic information about the truck can be entered to speed up the Request In-Bay Service functionality.

Q. What fields are required when Requesting In-Bay Service?
A. All fields are required. To prevent errors, be as brief as possible with the truck information. For example, the truck model has to be less than 10 characters.

Q. How will I know my In-Bay Service Request was successful?
A. An email will be provided with the specific work order number that the person at the TA Truck Service facility can use to reference.

Q. Do I need to be an Ultra One member to create a work order?
A. Yes. If you are not currently a member you can sign up for this free program on the Ultra One Kiosk at any location or by visiting the link below.

Q. How far in advance of my arrival can I create a work order?
A. Work orders can be created a minimum of 1 hour in advance and a maximum of 24 hours in advance

Q. What do I do if my travel plans change?
A. Contact the location at the phone number in the email you received and notify them of your change.

Q. What does this text mean? "Please note that submitting this work order for your estimated time of arrival does not imply or guarantee an appointment time."
A. We make every attempt to repair vehicles in the order work orders were created so submitting a work order via the TruckSmart App does not guarantee an appointment time. It will, however, decrease your wait time when you arrive because you will be driving rather than waiting at our site. If when you arrive, all work orders that were generated prior to your work order have been repaired, the next available technician will repair your vehicle.


Q. How can I reserve a parking space through TruckSmart?
A. Click on the Reserve-IT icon on the home page then click Make Reservation.

Q. How can I pay for a parking space through the app?
A. We only accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. You may also pay for a parking space by using UltraONE points. Additionally, UltraONE Gear 4 and MAX Gear members can redeem UltraCredits for parking. One UltraCredit can be used per day and two UltraCredits can be earned per day. Visit to learn more.

Q. Can I use an UltraCredit to pay for parking?
A. Yes, UltraONE Gear 4 and MAX Gear members can redeem UltraCredits for parking. One UltraCredit can be used per day and two UltraCredits can be earned per day. Visit to learn more.

Q. Do I need to enter my payment information every time?
A. Payment information can be saved in the Setup screen and changed at any time.

Q. Can I purchase a space for my wide load?
A. YES! There is an option to select wide load that will consume two spaces.

Q. When does a reservation start and end?
A. For single day reservations, you can check-in to your Reserved Parking space any time after 4 pm. Check-out time is 3 pm the day of departure.

Q. Do I have to arrive at the site by a certain time?
A. No. The space is yours from 4 pm until 3 pm the day of the departure. You are free to arrive at whatever time suits you.

Q. Can I use my UltraONE points to pay for Reserved Parking?
A. Yes, UltraONE members can redeem UltraONE points to reserve a parking space. Simply make your reservation as usual, and select the pay with UltaONE points option when prompted. Note that kiosk certificates cannot be used as payment. For complete details, please visit 

Q. How can I view an existing reservation?
A. Click on View Reservations in the Reserve-It menu.

Q. Can I have a receipt emailed to me?
A. As long as you have a correct email filled in the Setup screen and the Notification Type set to email in the Reserve-It Details screen, you will receive an email notification about your reservation.

Q. Why are you asking for the DOT # when making a reservation?
A. We use this number to verify that the correct truck is in the spot.

Q. My DOT number cannot be validated.
A. You will be prompted to call our Reserve-It call center to confirm your information manually.

Q. Who should I contact if I have a question about Reserve-It!?
A. You can contact Reserve-It! Customer Service by dialing 855-VIP-PARK (847-7275), Monday through Friday, 9 am to 10 pm EST.