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Ta Petro

Resale Certificates

These forms are for leasing or resale customers.

All completed sales tax exemption forms and resale certificates may be submitted via fax to 440-808-3133 or via email to exemptions@ta-petro.com.

For states whose forms are not listed below: Some states require that retailers may only accept a resale certificate or permit that is issued by the state to the customer.

Florida – Issues an Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax every year. The current year resale certificate must be submitted to the retailer every year.

Louisiana – Use the current resale certificate issued by Louisiana. For additional copies, you may go to http://www.revenue.louisiana.gov/sections/business/resalecertificate.aspx or LaTAP to print a copy of your current resale certificate.

Mississippi – Mississippi does not have a resale certificate. A copy of your Mississippi Sales Tax License acts as a resale certificate. If needed, contact the state of Mississippi to obtain a copy of your Mississippi sales tax license. We cannot accept the Use Tax Permit.

New Mexico – You must provide a Non-taxable Transaction Certificate (NTTC), including your CRS ID#, issued be the state. You may go to https://efile.state.nm.us/NTTCNET/TPLogon.aspx to apply for a Non-taxable Transaction Certificate to be issued. The CRS ID # for TravelCenters of America is 02-239721-00-3.

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