Westlake, Ohio,
16:59 PM

Trucker’s Wife (His Traveling Companion) Gives Thanks to Friendly 84-Year-Old Cashier

Heather Shehan was traveling with her driver husband, David Shehan, Jr., from South Carolina to Texas when they had the good fortune to stop at the Petro in Carnesville, Georgia. Heather sent an online compliment to thank us and say how much she likes the TA and Petro stops along the road. She mentioned our clean sites, friendly team members and a special way we could accommodate her.

Heather and David stay in touch with their college daughter by sending letters and, if they can find them, postcards from every state they drive through. Heather happily discovered that we carry state postcards and we even allowed them to put their postcards in our outgoing mail. She explained that this was an added convenience, since they can’t pull into a post office lot.

The online compliment went on to say, “I want to sing the praises of Willene. She was so friendly! She told us to be safe out there on the road. She was the absolute sweetest. Keep hiring employees like her!”

Willene Ayers was hired 27 years ago. She’s a cashier and comes in three days a week. At 84-years-old, she likes to keep busy and staying home a lot is not her thing. Debra Bryan, General Manager, says Willene is hardworking and sweet as can be. “She’s like family. We’ve been through hard times and happy times together – deaths of family members and births of babies.” Debra continues, “Willene’s husband was a driver and she traveled with him sometimes. She knows both sides of the business, the driver’s side and the company side.”

Willene is known for calming down drivers when they come in with a problem. Debra says Willene understands how to talk to the drivers and lighten their mood. Debra’s goal is “to be a Willene.” We are thankful for Willene and all our team members who do their best to return every traveler to the road better than they came.