01:10 AM

Truckers Against Trafficking Exhibit Visits Greensburg, IN


The Petro TA in Greensburg, Indiana hosted the Freedom Drivers Program (FDP) exhibit July 21 to help educate truck drivers and TA Petro staff on the impacts of human trafficking -- how to identify it, and how to report it. 

The exhibit features the stories of victims, actual artifacts from trafficking cases, and the heroes on the road who have collaborated with law enforcement to end it. 

CEO Jon Pertchik met with the Greensburg TA team, local government and law officials and professional drivers to share TA's commitment to Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT). 

jonwithlawgreensburgTravelCenters of America is a major contributor to TAT and offers all team members training on this pervasive crime. 

Pictured above is Jon visiting the exhibit with a truck driver and at left with local law enforcement. 

Many thanks to Greensburg Petro GM Gary Copeland for coordinating this important educational exhibit.