Westlake, Ohio,
15:13 PM

Technology Team Helps Site during Systems Crisis

No general manager wants to experience what Rick Farias did one crisp day in September. He just started his shift when his site, Petro Monee, IL lost all internet due to a faulty network switch. That meant no fuel, gasoline, store registers, shop, restaurant…. anything.

“The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I’ve been with the company 30 years and things like this just don’t happen,” Rick said. “The phones don’t work and registers are down. You are stopped dead in your tracks.”

He immediately called the TA Service Desk and was connected to Network Administrator Christian Grenvik. Christian remained calm as he helped Rick navigate through the situation. He got a replacement ordered and delivered to the site within an hour of everything going down. He also walked Rick through creating temporary fixes so he could be back online as soon as possible. (The team was able to use equipment from the restaurant, which was closed at the time.) Christian was able to get the site up and running until a local tech could come out and get everything back up and running 100%.

“Back in the day if a server went down, you were down a day or two. Christian went above and beyond and made us feel we were the only priority he had,” Rick added. “He exhibited the Values of Empathetic and Team Player and I’m just so thankful he came into my path that day.”

“Christian is a model for customer support. He takes every outage personally, works through the issues, and is never satisfied until the site is fully restored to service,” said Joseph Podach, Director of Technology. “He then follows up the next day just to be sure!”