Westlake, Ohio,
15:16 PM

Team Member’s Clever Thinking Helps Track Down Owner of Lost Wallet

Shift Lead Kellie Charles was not about to give up on finding the owner of a missing wallet after it was left in the women’s restroom at TA Caryville in Pioneer, Tennessee.

Kellie first tried calling the number on a bank card that was in the wallet, but after getting put on hold and not making progress, she decided to try something else. She noticed a business card in the wallet for a beautician, and going on a hunch, she called the number. Kellie asked if the guest’s name from the bank card was a customer of the beautician. Sure enough she was, and the beautician was able to give Kellie a cell number where she could reach the guest.

At this point, the guest was already 30 minutes down the road but was more than happy to turn around. Kellie learned the woman happened to be on vacation and a lost wallet would have been devastating!

The guest said, “If there are any customer service awards for your team, I would love to nominate Kellie. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her prompt action in trying to reach me. Kudos to the whole team for helping me on my road trip!! Thanks!”