Westlake, Ohio,
14:42 PM

Team Member Helps Struggling Driver

Adam Carey, APCM at TA Chicago North, Illinois, was doing his daily parking lot walk-through to check on trucks/trailers that have not moved in a couple days.

Adam noted that a truck was in the same spot for two or three days. He knocked on the door and there was no answer, but he heard a faint knocking from inside. The truck was running so he knew the driver couldn't be far away. When he climbed up and looked in the window, he saw a man lying on the floor.

Adam immediately called 911, tried to open the driver’s door and realized it was locked. He managed to work with the driver to get the door open just as the police and ambulence arrived.

The driver refused help and said he was going to be okay. Still concerned, Adam continued to look in on him throughout the day. Just before checking a fourth time, Adam received a call from the driver’s sister. She told Adam her brother hadn't eaten or had anything to drink for at least two days. A recent medical treatment had made him weak and unable to open the door of his truck to get help.

Hearing this, Adam brought the driver food and bottled water, and helped him regain his sense of awareness. The driver thanked him and agreed that he needed medical care. Thanks to Adam’s concern and actions, the man recovered and is now back on the road and doing well.

The driver’s sister wrote Adam a note that said in part, “You were outstanding in every way … You have no idea how grateful I am for your efforts and following up on his situation.” Joe Woolever, site GM, says Adam is an extraordinary APCM and not one to seek recognition. A fuel island cashier is the one who told Joe about the incident and good outcome. Joe praises Adam, the entire Chicago North team and TA overall.