Westlake, Ohio,
14:28 PM

Team Member Celebrates 50 Years with TA

50 years is a long time, and that’s exactly how long Donald Shafer has been a team member at TravelCenters of America! Don started his career at the TA in Columbia, New Jersey as a fuel attendant in 1970 and worked in several departments trying to find his fit. In 1993, Don began working in the TA Truck Service Shop. There he found his calling, and today, Don is the most seasoned technician at TA Columbia.

Don has shown great dedication throughout his 50 years of service. He realized early on that the possibilities were endless within the company. TA has provided him a secure career, a great work environment and great team members, which have made the last 50 years enjoyable every day. Don continues to be a great team player and appreciates all of his team members. In fact, his greatest stories all revolve around his team members and the daily fun they generate.

“In today’s work environment, it is sometimes hard to retain help in our industry, and for Don to be a dedicated employee of ours for 50 years is not only rare, but awesome,” said District Manager Scott Anderson. “Don is a real pleasure to work with and a great mentor to the younger technicians.”

Outside of work, Don enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, especially when it involves camping or fishing. To celebrate his 50 years, the TA Columbia team gifted Don a cake and a gift certificate to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Thank you, Don, for your 50 years of dedicated service to TravelCenters of America!