16:19 PM

Team Member Aids Guest in Need


It has become commonplace for our team members across the country to suddenly find themselves performing lifesaving deeds. Each act requires extreme courage and presence of mind.

 When a cashier told Jodi Ockle, Merchandiser at TA Sparks, Nevada, that there was someone having a medical emergency in the women’s bathroom, Jodi quickly responded. While a 911 call was made, Jodi assisted the unconscious guest. By phone, Jodi followed instructions from paramedics and was able to begin to revive the young woman. Paramedics arrived and were able to save the woman’s life.

 The woman returned to the site five days later to see Jodi and thank her.

 Jodi knows working at TA can change a life. She told us, “I was hired as a cashier at TA six years ago and it has changed my life. I love my job. I’ve always had great managers and you can work your way up at TA.” Ellie Dominguez, PCM, tells us that whenever there’s an issue with a guest, Jodi makes sure she gets all the information so she can resolve the problem quickly to return every traveler to the road better than they came. Jodi is willing to cover any shift and will come in on her day off. In addition to merchandising and stocking the cooler, she fills in as a porter and cashier. She adds that Jodi wants to learn more and recently attended the Manager in Training class.

 Jodi says she thinks about the TA values all the time and adds, “working at TA has changed me as a human being. I think about people’s needs much more.” That’s what our TA values are all about.