Westlake, Ohio,
14:57 PM

Team at TA Wildwood Saves Another Company Valuable Time

An armored carrier was making its usual stop at TA Wildwood in Florida and pulled in front of the building. The passenger security agent entered the TA site while the driver backed into a parking space. When the agent came back out, accompanied by General Manager Scott Evans, they all saw what appeared to be power steering fluid puddled in front of the building door.

Shaun Robertson, an OnSite tech who was on his way to the Amazon yard, saw what was happening and pulled up to the gas island to see if he could help. 

The driver notified his company and they had to decide whether to send a technician or a tow truck. The company is an hour away; either way their schedule would be delayed, and if they made the wrong choice, there could be an additional delay in getting the carrier back into service.

Shaun quickly assessed the situation and discovered there was more than just a blown hose. The pump was damaged. That important information made the decision for them. They’d have to send a tow truck. 

Store Associate Marshall Millsap and Shaun jumped into action to contain the leak and clean up the area. The TA team gave each agent a cold fountain beverage and asked them if they needed anything else as they waited for their tow truck to arrive.

Scott says, “While we couldn’t say we returned them to the road better than they came, we hopefully made the best of their unfortunate situation.”