Westlake, Ohio,
22:58 PM

TAHQ Employee Gives Back

Whenever there’s extra food, whether it be from an event that gets canceled, from a lunch with plenty left over or from the kitchen when a pandemic hits, there’s only one logical thing to do with it – give the food to those in need. Dave Weybrecht, Facilities and Office Manager, knows exactly who to call to help do so.

One phone call and Kim Giberson, Quality Assurance Analyst, is making plans to come load up the food and take it to St. Herman House in Cleveland.

Kim is an extraordinary example of someone who gives back to his community. Over 25 years ago, his brother-in-law, a priest, introduced Kim to St. Herman’s as a place to take leftovers after church. Now, Kim is a frequent volunteer, and never misses an opportunity to provide meals to the charity.

“The meals program is run completely by donation, yet they provided more than 72,000 meals in 2019,” Kim said. The charity also is the only facility in Cleveland that provides anyone in need with three hot meals a day, every day of the year. It also provides shelter and support for homeless men, and aims to meet the basic needs of the people in the Cleveland community.

Kim doesn’t just provide food but tries to step in whenever he can to help. He has acted as an amateur electrician, a home plumber, a crafty woodworker and, most importantly, a friend.

“The gentlemen there are very caring people who still ask how you are despite losing everything,” Kim said. “It changes you to see that... About 12 men live there full-time, and they help run the operations. I like talking to and getting to know them.”