Westlake, Ohio,
14:49 PM

TA Team Members Across the Country Show Their Support and Appreciation for Professional Drivers

This week was National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and it took on a special significance considering the crucial role truck drivers have played during the COVID-19 pandemic. At TA, these drivers are not only our guests, but our friends, family and community members.

We are proud to serve their needs daily and strive to always make good on our Mission to “return every travelers to the road, better than they came.” What better way to show them how much they mean to us than by welcoming them with food, signs, prizes, snacks and more.

TA Lodi had a special visit from CEO Jon Pertchik and the Dave Nemo Radio Show held a live broadcast. Thank you to all the sites that shared their photos and thank you to the drivers who keep our country running.