Westlake, Ohio,
15:01 PM

TA Tampa Helps Injured Driver Complete His Delivery

At TA, our value of Openness means that our staff takes the initiative to do what’s right for a situation, even if it hasn’t been done before. 

That’s what happened Feb. 25, when a Core-Mark professional driver at the TA in Tampa, Florida pulled out the ramp to his refrigerator and freezer and sliced his finger on the metal. As Tina Quinn, merchandiser, tells it, “He was bleeding a lot and was attempting to unload the product.” Tina made sure to help our guest wrap up the wound and then asked customer attendant James Blackstock, lead porter Billy Stanford and cashier Mark Winters to come out and help unload the truck.

In about five minutes, our team unloaded 25 cases from the freezer. Tina says, “We were able to complete the job with eight hands instead of two. Everything worked out, we weren’t short product, and the professional driver was able to go on with what he needed to do.” 

The Core-Mark operations manager reached out to us and said, “The TA team was nothing short of amazing in their efforts to assist him. They helped him complete the order, made sure he was okay … they even helped him get back into the truck when all was done. Please express my sincerest gratitude to your team. What a great group of people!”