Westlake, Ohio,
15:36 PM

TA Savannah Team Uses Creativity to Help Motorist Family

A motorist came to TA Savannah, Georgia with his 94-year-old father while they were on a road trip to West Virginia. As they came in to the site they were greeted by Fuel Aisle Attendant Charles Doneway who helped get the elderly father and his walker
into the restroom.

Minutes later, Customer Service Lead Saralee Wilson and Charles noticed a minor commotion, and saw that the motorist was
struggling to help his father stay standing. His knees and legs gave out on him when leaving the restroom.

“We saw the guests struggling and sprang right into action,” said Saralee. “I got an office chair from the back area and rolled it out to support him.” Saralee and Charles used the office chair as a makeshift wheelchair and the duo safely wheeled the guest out to his car.

“Saralee and Charles helped to save the day. I cannot thank these two kind people enough for so quickly coming to our aide. Their empathy for myself and my father in that situation meant so much to us and we were able to continue on to our trip to West Virginia,” the motorist said.