Westlake, OH,
20:45 PM

TA Porter, Indiana General Manager Returns Missing Wallet

When professional driver Don Tipler was heading for home after a long day, he had no idea he accidentally left his wallet at the TA in Porter, Indiana.

It was a normal day for site General Manager Steve Lindgren when another employee found a wallet full of cash and credit cards. Steve put the wallet in a locked safe and contacted the gentleman on the driver’s license.

When Don picked up the phone, he was half way home to Wisconsin. He was overwhelmed with the team’s honesty and insisted that Steve take $50 from the wallet as a reward. Steve told him that was not necessary and said that he was just doing the right thing.

Don wrote a special thank you note to the team:

“I want to thank not only Steve but all the staff there that took care of my wallet and even sent it to my home. It was absolutely the greatest thing I’ve ever had happen! There are good people out there still and thank you so much.”

Two weeks later, Don came back to the TA in Porter and requested to see the team to say a personal thank you.