Westlake, Ohio,
15:01 PM

TA Moriarty Team Helps Late Driver's Wife

When the team at TA in Moriarty, New Mexico learned that the wife of driver who recently passed due to medical emergency was coming to gather his belongings, they wanted to help.

Ashley Lee, Store PCM, stayed late and provided extra comfort and concern for the woman as she entered the facility, even offering to get her a more comfortable hotel room a bit outside of town. And when the woman didn’t have a ride back to the airport (Uber is not readily available in town), the team didn’t miss a beat.

“Our Truck Service PCM, Jessica Green, called me and asked if I had some extra time so this kind woman wouldn’t miss her flight,” said Tina Luhan, Site General Manager. “Knowing what this woman had just endured, there was nothing that could stop me from doing whatever I could to make her day a bit easier.”

Tina made the 40-minute drive with the woman to the airport. While the conversation was sad at times, Tina knew this ride and the conversation were making a difference.

“It’s important to walk in others’ shoes. And I’m grateful we have the culture at TA where we are empowered to help others when they are in need,” Tina added.