Westlake, Ohio,
14:45 PM

TA Laramie PCM Does Whatever It Takes to Keep Sites Functioning Well

You could say Paul Flores likes to do a good job – or two. He’s the Truck Service Profit Center Manager (PCM) at the TA in Laramie, Wyo. and when our TA in Rawlins, Wyo. was short a Truck Service PCM, he filled in there. For months, he worked with the teams in both locations until a PCM was hired for TA Rawlins. 

Just as Paul thought he could catch his breath and focus on his shop at TA Laramie, the TA in Cheyenne, Wyo. lost their PCM, and Paul went there to help, staying on to train the new PCM and filling in as needed. 

Keylow Braudrick, General Manager at TA Laramie, says, “Paul will pretty much do anything. When there was a snowstorm recently, Paul ran an entire shift because no one else could get there. He was the TSA and tech at the same time.” He worked on the trucks, ordered parts and ran the entire operation. 

“He’s always willing to work extra hours,” says Aaron Click, Truck Service Specialist, Northwest Region. “Paul helps the drivers, mentors his team and offers sound advice. On top of that, he is always available to answer anyone’s questions.”

Keylow and Aaron both commented on how Paul has embraced our Mission, Vision, Values and motivates his staff to do the same. His integrity, commitment and desire to build individuals as well as the team speak to his ability as a manager. Paul explains that you have to believe in your why or what you see as your cause. He adds, “I love taking care of my guests; I love trying to teach people and helping wherever I can. I do that in my job and in my personal life.” It’s easy to see why Paul is a valued part of the TA family.