Westlake, Ohio,
14:09 PM

TA Kingman Team Member Makes Sure Driver Gets to His Drop Off on Time

Kaleb Smith, a Technician Level 1 at TA Kingman, was the subject of a recent online truck service compliment. He helped a driver who needed quick service so he could still get to his drop off two hours away. The driver pulled in because his check engine light was on, and the air filter needed to be replaced. Kaleb checked the engine, found nothing wrong and was able to clear the code. He then planned to replace the air filter but couldn’t find any in the shop. He asked the TSA for assistance and then went to Thomas Rodriguez, Profit Center Manager.

Thomas helped Kaleb who was “tearing apart the parts area” in his search. Thomas adds that he saw Kaleb had keys in his hands and realized that Kaleb planned to drive to any nearby TA site that had the correct air filter.

Eventually the needed air filter was located and Kaleb got the driver back on the road so he could make his delivery on time. The driver wrote, “Kaleb was extremely helpful and courteous. He was going to go out of his way, quite literally, to help me out. That is just so rare to find nowadays. This made a bad day into a great one. You rock, Kaleb! Keep up the great work.”

Thomas says Kaleb really hustled and was “willing to go above and beyond for a customer.” Kaleb has been with TA for only seven months, and he already has embraced our Mission, Vision and Values.

His effort did not go unnoticed. Thomas generously paid from his own pocket for Kaleb and his girlfriend to go out to dinner. That’s an empathetic Profit Center Manager, too!