Westlake, Ohio,
14:07 PM

TA Hillsboro employees give back

Anyone who has been to Texas knows that it gets hot, especially in the middle of summer. This time of year, the average temperature is 95 degrees,  and the sun beats down for 28 days of the month. Rain is sparse. It is important to stay hydrated in such conditions. The employees at the TA in Hillsboro, Texas, understand the importance of that, as well as the importance of our community partners and first responders.

As the outside temperature rose, Cashiers Tina Bel and Paul Smith brought an idea to Store PCM Gwen Ward. First responders are dependable, and Tina and Paul wanted them to feel appreciated, plus Gatorade just happened to be on sale. Could they ask their fellow employees to chip in and help a group that helps us so much?

Gwen loved the idea, and with permission and a personal donation from GM Robert Raney, she began organizing the gift. Employees from the site pulled their individual funds together and were able to deliver 16 cases of Gatorade to the local first responders.

“Our first responders are always here for us, any time of day or night. They come quickly, and they keep us safe. We wanted to show them gratitude for being here for us, especially with the heat coming,” Gwen commented.

“I was just excited that the employees wanted to give back to the city. That makes you feel good,” said Robert. Gwen added, “We wanted to let them know that we are here for anything they need.”