Westlake, Ohio,
14:28 PM

TA Foristell Team Member Returns Guest’s Forgotten Wallet

Holiday travels can be stressful. While on her way home from traveling for the holidays, one of our guests and her three kids stopped at the TA in Foristell, Missouri for a quick bathroom break. Distracted by her kids and trying to get back on the road, she left her wallet sitting in the stall.

She stopped for gas two states away and realized her wallet was missing. The guest immediately called the site and Doug Timm, Store PCM, answered. Luckily, someone had turned in the wallet with all its contents. 

“Hearing the stress and panic in her voice when I received the phone call led me to realize I had to act fast and get her wallet to her immediately,” said Doug. “It just comes down to doing the right thing.”

Doug informed her that he would send her wallet to her that day. Once sent, he called the guest with the tracking information. Two days later, the wallet arrived safely at the her home.

“Doug Timm was incredibly helpful! I will definitely be visiting this store again. I can’t believe how incredibly gracious Mr. Timm was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” the guest wrote.