Westlake, OH,
21:09 PM

TA Express Walsenburg hands out donated masks to professional drivers

As places begin to open up with restrictions, the demand for masks is on the rise. When a local church group approached the TA Express team in Walsenburg, CO, with an idea, the two decided to join together to help keep professional drivers safe. The church group would sew masks, and the team would distribute them to the drivers.

So far, the site has provided over 115 professional drivers with masks.

“The truck drivers are very appreciative, and some give donations, which we give to the church group for more materials and other supplies they need,” said site GM Karen Horner. In one instance, the site ran out of masks in just two days but was able to collect over $75 in donations.

Now, the church group calls at least every other day to see if more masks are needed. If so, Judy, a volunteer from the church group, happily brings them.

“[Judy] just floats in with a huge smile that you can’t see through the mask, but you [can] see in her eyes. [She] delivers a bag full of masks, collects any donations that were left for the masks and disappears as quickly as she came in.”