Westlake, Ohio,
21:26 PM

TA Employee Helps Others After Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura left hundreds of thousands of people without electricity in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas, temporarily shutting down some of our sites, including the TA in Greenwood, Louisiana.

This site is unique. It is one of the few that has an RV park, which is home to many residents, several of them elderly.

TA employee Donald Wallace takes care of that RV park, knows a lot of the residents and cares about them. When the power went out, Donald went to work. He started calling around, asking to borrow generators to help the residents. He then took it upon himself to collect the generators and bring them back to the RV park, at no cost to the guests. The task took him into the late night, but he was more worried about the guests being without power.

The guests were truly grateful for Donald and his tireless work.

“He called in a lot of favors to get help for our guests that needed it. We tend to take for granted things like electricity. The feeling of being without power can really affect a person. No AC or TV for comfort. No fridge to keep food safe to eat. Just wanted to say thanks to Donald. He helped take care of someone’s mother, father, grandparents when they really needed it,” commented District Manager Randy B. Salmeron.