Westlake, Ohio,
14:50 PM

TA Credit Department Solves Problems for Our Guests

You ordinarily wouldn’t think that the TA Credit Department would be a lifeline to professional drivers. Our credit staff’s main responsibilities are to work with our sales team to establish new accounts and maintain existing accounts. Yet every day they go beyond their prescribed duties to do things the TA way – that is to help in any way they can. 

As John Arnold, manager of the credit department, says, “We often become the point people for our guests. They know our names and then call for reasons that have nothing to do with credit. We try to point them in the right direction, which might be to resolve a shop issue, to access more services or to speak to their sales rep.”

We have a seasoned credit team. Sue Bosko, Mary Ann Bowser and Ed Gliebe previously worked for BP, so each has more than 40 years of experience in their area. John Arnold and Janet Kuss have logged more than 20 years at TA and Emily Granfield is the newest addition, with almost four years. John says, “We like our jobs and work so well together.”

Ordinarily, the credit team works at TAHQ in Westlake. The pandemic has changed all that so the mighty team of six work from home. They readily answer their cell phones during what would be considered before and after hours because they’re committed to providing the best service possible.

John is on call 24/7 and describes a sample scenario that comes in after-hours. It involves a professional driver who is delayed at one of our sites because of a breakdown or weather, is far from home and runs out of cash. If the driver has an established account with us for fuel or repairs, a cash advance can often be arranged. While our billing platform and processes are straightforward, providing the best service takes caring, initiative and navigating through our departments – which the credit team does graciously.