Westlake, Ohio,
17:54 PM

TA Brunswick Employee Helps Man Return Home

Site General Manager Valerie Trueblood was making her daily rounds around the property of TA Brunswick in Georgia when she noticed a frail-looking man sitting outside at one of the tables. She didn’t think anything of the man – people sit at those tables all the time. Later in the day, she looked out and saw the same man sitting in the same spot.

She decided to approach him, asking if he was okay or if he needed some help. It was clear to Valerie that he had fallen upon hard times and was in need of help. He looked up and told her that he was trying to get home to his sister in Florida.

The man gave Valerie his sister’s phone number, and she gave her a call to inform her that her brother was okay, and she’d like to try to help him find a way home.

The sister told Valerie that her brother had been missing for about six months. She sobbed as she thanked Valerie for letting her know he was okay.

Unfortunately, his sister could not drive anymore and was unable to pick him up from the site, so Valerie got her address and told her she’d figure out how to get him home. She invited the man in for a shower and a meal and called a local charity. While they could help house him and feed him, they could not help him get home. Valerie called a few more places but to no avail. By the time he had finished eating, Valerie had come up with a plan.

She would call a cab which would take him to the Amtrak station, and he would ride it to the station in his hometown. He agreed, and Valerie called the cab and bought his ticket. The cab driver agreed to wait with the man until his train arrived, and Val called his sister to let her know when he would be arriving at the station. She worried about the man until she received a call from his sister. He arrived safely, and she couldn’t thank Valerie enough!

“It made me feel good to know that I was in the place that I could help someone like this man. I just had to take a few minutes out of my day to get his story, so all I ask is for people I know in person to never judge by the appearance because you just never know what they’re going through,” Valerie commented.