Westlake, OH,
17:58 PM

TA Brookville employees save family vacation

A family of four stopped for gas at the TA in Brookville, Pennsylvania. The mother went in to use the restroom and accidentally dropped her keys into the toilet right as she flushed it. In a panic, she went in and asked the cashier if anyone could help her, as she and her family were on their way to their vacation destination and really needed to get back on the road.

Cashier Donny Schroeder called Site GM Tony Ferry to see if he could help. Tony asked FMT Keith Clinger if there was any way he could take the toilet off the wall and help this family.

And Keith did just that. When he took the toilet off the wall, the keys were sitting right there, in the bottom of the toilet. The mother was so excited that the keys were there and they could get back on the road. She kept thanking Tony and Keith, and tried to give Keith a $100 bill.

He politely declined her money, acknowledging the funny accident and telling her, “you’re welcome.” She said she could not thank him enough for doing what he did.