Westlake, Ohio,
15:14 PM

TA Boise Team Member Supports Driver During Heartbreaking Loss

“When I received the call, I knew there was so much more I could do.”

That was the reaction from Stephanie Burkett, AGM of TA Boise, after she received a call in September from Landstar. They asked if it would be ok if one of the Landstar owner-operators, Richard, left his truck in her lot for a few days. His son was in a tragic accident, and he needed to get him home right away.

“I found out that Richard had to get to the airport to go straight to the hospital. He had to take is son off life support,” said Stephanie. “My heart instantly broke. How can you not put yourself in that person’s shoes?”

Stephanie told Landstar that she would do whatever she could to help Richard, even offering to take him to the airport right away. When Landstar agreed, she picked up Richard and drove him to the airport that afternoon.

“Stephanie was an angel. I was so lost, and it was chaotic figuring everything out; she put a lot of things at ease, and that meant the world to me,” said Richard. “God put her there for me, I just know it.”

“We prayed together and cried together. I was thankful I could be there with him,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie told Richard she would pick him up at the airport when he got back into town. Upon his return to Boise, Richard indeed called Stephanie for the ride. When he got back to his truck, he realized that he left his fridge on and his battery was dead. That’s when Stephanie knew the value of Empathetic would come into play. She asked the Shop for help, and the team was happy to give Richard a courtesy jump.

“I just hope this man can find some peace in such a horrible situation,” Stephanie added.

Stephanie was honored with an award for her character and empathy by the team members of TA Boise.