Westlake, Ohio,
17:06 PM

TA Aurora, Oregon General Manager Aids Ill Driver

No one likes to be sick, and when you are far from home, it is even worse. Professional drivers know this better than most. Being on the road takes a toll on you. Although most of the time, the illness is minor, sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

One weekend, General Manager Steve Krakowski received a phone call from a woman in distress. Her husband, a professional driver, had a high fever the night before and still was not feeling well. The driver was traveling along I-5 when he decided to stop at the TA in Aurora, Oregon, for the night. She wanted him to go to urgent care but failed to find one in the area online. Steve took out his cell and found one roughly 10 miles away.

While still on the phone with Steve, the wife tried to find a ride for her husband, but with his truck being too large and Lyft nor Uber available, she had no luck. Distraught, she asked Steve where her husband could get a ride.

“I told her to tell him to come in and ask for me. I’d take him. I wasn’t going to let him suffer,” Steve said. She thanked him before calling her husband. A few minutes later, a man about 70-years-old made his way to the cashier and asked for Steve.

“He was a nice fellow. We talked the whole way there [to Urgent Care].” Steve provided the driver with his phone number and told him to call when he was done. He’d be happy to pick him back up.

And he did a few hours later. A stop by the pharmacy to fill the driver’s prescription and Steve brought the driver back to his truck in the TA parking lot, where he could take his medicine, rest and stay until he was feeling up to driving again.

Apparently, the driver had called his wife, because not too long after, Steve received another call thanking him. And the next morning, the driver, feeling a lot better, came in to thank him, too.

“If you do good things in life, you get rewarded for it. That’s the easiest thing I could do all day. His wife was very concerned… so I just took care of it,” Steve said. “He is a nice guy. I haven’t seen him since, but I’m sure if he does come through, he will stop by and see me.”

The driver’s wife sent her thanks to Steve, saying, “A huge thank you to Manager Steve! My husband was so sick and so far away from home, but Steve took him [where he needed to go]. I’m very grateful to the manager! Most people wouldn’t care, but Steve did.”